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Learning Landscapes offers lessons on deserts, ecosystems, riparian zones, invasive plants, wild horses, groundwater, soil composition, hydroelectric power, renewable energy, water conservation techniques...  (Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior)
The Chihuahuan Desert Lab On-Line Manual is a comprehensive program designed to enhance high school science, math and technology studies by involving students in monitoring natural resources in Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe...  (National Park Service)
Environmental Education offers activities for elementary students and families visiting Lake Mead National Recreation Area to learn about desert plants, animals, food chains, and "communities" in the Mojave...  (National Park Service)
White Sands National Monument Fact Sheets is a resource page about one of the world's great natural wonders -- the glistening white sands of New Mexico. These sands rise from the heart of the Tularosa basin, which is located...  (National Park Service)
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