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NCES Classroom invites students to create their own graphs, solve a math teaser, play a probability game, or take an online quiz in math or science. Students can find tuition, degree, and program...  (Department of Education)
MegaMath presents important mathematical ideas and allows students and teachers to experience math in ways that it is experienced by mathematicians and scientists. Through fun activities and...  (Multiple Agencies)
EXCITE (Teaching Epidemiology) is a collection of teaching materials for teaching students about public health and epidemiology. Materials focus on principles and practices of epidemiology, including the scientific...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Figure This! offers interactive math problems families can use to help children understand estimation, volume, and other important mathematical concepts...  (Multiple Agencies)
Dare to Compare invites you to test your knowledge against students nationally and around the world. Pick a grade and subject: civics, economics, geography, history, math, or science...  (Department of Education)
Human Genetic Variation offers activities exploring how genes and the environment influence human diversity, what role DNA sequences play in genetic differences, and more. Students are invited to assume the...  (National Human Genome Research Institute, supported by National Institutes of Health)
Engineering Design Challenges presents challenges faced by NASA engineers who are developing the next generation of aerospace vehicles. The challenges: thermal protection systems, spacecraft structures...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
USA Mathematical Talent Search is a mathematics competition open to all U.S. middle and high school students. Problems are published on the website four times a year one month before solutions are due. Problems...  (Art of Problem Solving Foundation, supported by National Security Agency)
Genetic Science Learning Center features animations and activities for learning about DNA, cells, and other topics in genetics and bioscience. Build a DNA molecule. Transcribe and translate a gene. See why a...  (University of Utah, supported by National Institutes of Health)
Building Big Labs helps kids think about structures they see every day and the impact of technology on society. Online laboratories invite students to test forces, materials, loads, and shapes...  (PBS, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Games: Central Intelligence Agency challenges students to look at an aerial view of a city and determine what is happening, break the code of encrypted messages, and examine two photos to quickly identify subtle...  (Central Intelligence Agency)
Alien Earths explores the formation of stars and planets and the quest for a habitable planet. Create a virtual a community of microorganisms. Try to build the perfect solar system. See how...  (Space Science Institute, supported by Multiple Agencies)
Science Education at Jefferson Lab offers 16 hands-on activities to answer questions such as: How do scientists to measure the size of an atom? What kind of coat will keep you the warmest—one made from cotton, steel...  (Department of Energy)
Port of Entry: Immigration is a game in which the viewer assumes the role of historical detective, searching for clues in photographs and eyewitness accounts about immigrant life in America...  (Library of Congress)
NY High School Regents Exam Prep Center helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in mathematics, science, and social studies. The site, developed by a team of Oswego County (NY) teachers...  (NY Regents Exam Prep Center, supported by Department of Education)
DoHistory shows how to piece together fragments of the past and research the lives of ordinary people. It also features an interactive case study built from research conducted for A Midwife's...  (Harvard University, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
NASA Kids' Club features interactive games (for Grades K-4) on the solar system, rockets, addition, "guess what number I'm thinking of," and NASA spinoffs (everyday items developed from NASA...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Reservation Controversies: Then and Now is built around two scenarios that help students understand issues related to American Indian reservations. Under one scenario, set in 1973, the student plays the role of agent for a...  (Library of Congress)
Big Picture: Jigsaw Puzzles provides online jigsaw puzzles from the Library of Congress's photo collection. Once the photo is assembled, the reader can search the Library's web site to identify it...  (Library of Congress)
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