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Calculus on the Web offers an interactive environment for learning, practicing, and experimenting with the...

Question #2 of 'Properties of Parallelograms',... Find the values of AB and x when BC=26, CD=22, and DA=2x+12.

Collected Learning Units in Mathematics provides more than 200 instructional units in arithmetic, algebra, calculus, data...

GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus.

Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications offers articles, learning modules, "mathlets" (single-purpose learning tools), reviews of...

Here is a possible model of the height of a bouncing basketball. When you “run” this, the cursor moves to the right and the ball moves vertically according to the graph. Five Lessons features activities and software for exploring key math and science concepts. A grapher...

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